My first published book, Death Stretch is about a yoga instructor gone bad. Really bad. 

Death Stretch introduces Katie Sheridan and Detective Dirk Johnson to the joys and pain of romance during a murder investigation. I'll let Katie describe one of their skirmishes in her own words: "I watched him inhale, like he held in a rant. Shame on me, but pissing off the man held a certain appeal."


Death Stretch

She’s leery of overprotective men—he’s sworn to protect and serve.

When Katie Sheridan’s best friend is blackmailed over an affair with a yoga instructor, Katie stuffs herself into workout togs to help identify suspects. Instead of getting fit, she learns yoga can be a killer when the instructor winds up dead. Worse, Katie is a suspect, and finds herself tangling with the sexy, commanding cop investigating the case.

Detective Dirk Johnson knows getting involved with a material witness—especially one as reckless as Katie—means trouble, but his heart and protective instincts aren’t logical. More than once, she rescues herself just before he arrives to save the day. Dirk’s not sure he can keep up with her, but he’ll go down trying.

Blackmail, murder, and adultery teach Katie and Dirk that love obeys its own laws. With passion as the final reward, they find fighting temptation is highly overrated.



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Death Rub, my third published book, features Maggie and Cam. In Death Rub, massage therapist Maggie finds a client dead on her table. She's not sure where to turn, but friends Katie and Ginger are there to help her avoid arrest!  

Death Rub

Class reunions can be murder - even after finding the perfect dress. 

Struggling massage therapist Maggie Jenkins only worries about rent, ducking her fifteen-year high school class reunion and whether she’s too old for her new boyfriend.  Until she finds her client dead with no one else in the building.  And all clues point to Maggie.

Construction supervisor Cam Darrow knows the seven-year difference between him and Maggie means nothing when love is at work.   Convincing her to believe in him isn’t easy when her first love returns to town, evidently set on winning Maggie back.  Not to mention the increasing stack of evidence against Maggie makes Cam worry she’ll be permanently out of his reach – in prison.

When another of Maggie’s classmates dies, it’s apparent the Class of 1999 produced more than graduates. Will the murderer add Maggie to the growing roster of death?


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