Easy Squeak Remedies

Squeaky hinges are a great atmospheric noise to have in your house if you’re hosting a Halloween party, otherwise, not so much fun. 

Hinges squeak usually because they are under extra pressure, or because they are rusty.  Cleaning and lubricating may do the trick, but if your hinges have lots of rust, it’s easier to replace them.  I know, bummer, right?

First, try oiling with the pin in place.  Spread a cloth on the floor and squirt some penetrating oil into the moving parts.  Open and close the door to work in the lubricant.  WD40 is great because the main ingredient is fish oil, so it’s safer to use than a product composed of nasty chemicals.  Plus you can use WD40 for lots of stuff!

If oiling doesn’t do the trick, you’ll have to clean the pins.  First, put a shim (a slanted piece of wood – you can buy them at the hardware store) under the door.  Push in the shim until the door is stable.

Next, remove the hinge pin.  If the hinge is old or rusted, this may not be easy.  You may need to use a flat edge to loosen the hinge.  Screwdrivers have worked for me in the past.  Once you get the hinge pin out, clean it with steel wool.  Then poke out the pin hold with a wire brush pipe cleaner.  Replace the pin, (don’t drive it tight or you’ll have fits next time) remove the shim and check your hinge movement.

I don’t do this around Dirk.  The last time I worked on a squeaky hinge, he got ideas watching me clean the pin.  I don’t think I need to explain further. . . and I didn’t get the hinges done until two days later.

For really difficult squeaks, put some graphite on the moving parts before replacing the hinge pin.

Good luck and happy quiet doors!